Can I fax my prescription to Freedom Pharmacy?

Freedom Pharmacy accepts original hard copies of prescriptions, electronic prescriptions or prescriptions that have been faxed directly from a physician’s office.

What’s the best way to get my prescriptions to Freedom Pharmacy?

You will be provided with self addressed stamped envelopes with the receipt of your first order, allowing you to return your doctor’s refill prescriptions to us.

I have refills on other prescriptions I filled at my local pharmacy. Can you still fill my prescriptions?

Yes, Freedom Pharmacy can transfer any remaining refills from your local pharmacy. Be aware that certain medications are nontransferable. Call Freedom Pharmacy to find out more information on permissible medications.

Do I need to call Freedom Pharmacy when I need a refill?

When you are enrolled with Freedom Pharmacy you receive your medication consistently each month, when it is due. If any changes in your medication occur, and you no longer need a medication refilled, contact us so we can stop shipment right away.

I only take brand name medications; is Freedom Pharmacy able to fill my prescriptions?

If you need brand name medication with your prescription, your doctor must specify this on the prescription. Either as a “brand medically necessary” or “dispense as written” [DAW]. If your doctor fails to specify this, federal law mandates we administer the generic medication.

How long will it take to receive my medication from Freedom Pharmacy?

Once you enroll with Freedom Pharmacy and we receive all of the necessary documents, we will send your prescription for next day delivery.

How do I receive my medication from Freedom Pharmacy?

Your medication is shipped to your address. Be sure to provide us with any special shipping instructions that will help get your prescription directly to you. If you would like your medications shipped to an address other than your home, please inform our customer service team.

Can my prescriptions be delivered to a PO Box address?

Medications cannot be delivered to a PO Box. They can only be delivered to a street address. If you would like your medications shipped to an address other than your home, please let our customer service team know.

Do I need to be home in order to receive my medication from Freedom Pharmacy?

All control medications (CII – CV) must be signed for upon delivery. The driver will make 3 attempts to deliver the medication before returning the package back to our pharmacy.

Can my medications be sent to my work?

Yes, Freedom Pharmacy can have your medications shipped to an alternate address. Please be sure to contact our customer service team with your place of employment’s address information.

Do I need a prescription card to use Freedom Pharmacy?

No, all we need is your full name in order to access your records.

My claim is closed, but I don’t know if I can still receive my medications. Can you still help me?

Freedom Pharmacy can contact your insurance company and/or your law firm to verify the status of your claim. Even if your claim is closed, it could still be open for medication.

What happens if my insurance company doesn’t approve my medications?

Freedom Pharmacy will work with your lawyer and physician to ensure you receive the proper medical treatment you’re entitled to under your claim.

Can you reimburse me for any prescriptions I have already paid for at my local pharmacy?

No, we only bill your insurance carrier for the prescriptions Freedom Pharmacy fills for you.

Who will pay for my medication?

Freedom Pharmacy bills your insurance carrier directly for any open and active claims.

I’m worried my medication is lost stolen, what should I do?

You must call Freedom Pharmacy immediately at 855-539-7865. Be sure to also notify your physician and the Police. We cannot replace any medication without a new prescription from your physician. It is your responsibility to contact your physician for a new prescription. Freedom Pharmacy cannot bill your insurance company twice for the same order; you will be responsible for the payment.

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