We provide a worry free pharmacy service that will ensure the delivery of your medications on time every time.

Freedom Pharmacy proudly serves injured workers looking for the freedom to live comfortably and get back to work.


You want your patients to get the medications they need and get back to work.

You can trust Freedom Pharmacy to deliver your patients’ medications safely to their door.


You want your clients to receive the medications they need, and you want to make it easy for them.

Simply enroll with us today and one of our team members will contact you directly .

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Why Doctors Choose Freedom Pharmacy:

Freedom Pharmacy is a preeminent pharmacy service, a champion for claimant’s rights, working for and with injured workers as well as auto and personal injury claimants, to provide them their prescriptions in a fast, convenient and worry-free manner.

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  • Direct to Your Doorstep
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“Freedom Pharmacy changed the way I get prescriptions and changed my life in the process!”

— Eric H.